Applying global

Having more than twenty years of international retail experience, we are ready to offer you an unfettered access to a pool of worldwide trade connections & retail expertise, simply because we have been there, we have done it before !

Providing organizational change
management assistance

At some point in time a company might outgrow its initial organizational structure. The results are unclear juristictions of different departments, quarrel among employees and a general headache for the top management of a company. We know how to reorganize a company’s structure in such a way that all departements are working towards the same vision and contribute to the company’s overall goals by pulling on one string. Often times the change brings a drastic positive change towards more productivity, a decrease of administrative costs and the improvement of working conditions.

Category management and
management assistance

We combine the latest trends of category management and our hands on experience from developing markets to deliver the best concepts possible for the resources at hand. Where the capabilities for the latest concepts do not suffice, we do our best to implement proven solutions which are also able to yield outstanding results. Our success in the past has been due to our meticulous analysis of the markets in order to offer the customer exactly what he requires and give him the assistance he needs to implement the concepts.

Cost reduction & operations improvement

Operations always represent considerable risk if managed the wrong way, but having the right instruments may reduce the company’S cost of up to …%. Our portfolio includes many similar cases, where numbers speak louder than words. Headcount reduction, cash flow increase, logistics improvement – almost any area can be brought to a new level with our innovative calculations & few core principles applied.

Our reputation has earned us
EBRD partnership

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on multiple projects, mainly in the Region of Eastern Europe and Asia. The EBRD has valued our evalutions & assements of over twenty companies in around 10 countries. Together with our consulting all of these companies have been able to secure funding from the EBRD in order for them to improve their performances and develop new business strategies.

Being thankful & proud to work
for Clients as ours

No matter which companies we’ve worked for, there were always outstanding people behind them, those who had the fiercest desire to improve their business, provide input into their country’s development and make life of people around them better!