Blackcurrant Trade

Trade focuses on the procurement of goods. This includes private label goods as well as products which are produced in markets close to home, enabling short supply chains and quick ordering times.

Blackcurrant retail

Blackcurrant Retail is represented by the brand PapierWelten, our own chain of stationary stores in Germany. Many of our concepts used in retail have been tested at PapierWelten, enabling the brand to establish itself in a decreasing market with tough competition. We want keep our high standards by offering our customers from Consulting and IT nothing we would not do ourselves.

Blackcurrant consulting

Around thirty years of experience in retail enables us to design new companies from scratch but also restructuring and improvement of already existing companies. All these services are being combined in Blackcurrant Consulting in order to focus on the structure and organization of a company. A solid setup and a good internal as well as external structure are the basis for a successful venture.

Blackcurrant IT

Blackcurrant IT was founded in order to tackle multichannel sales. Our aim is to provide companies with a solution that combines online as well as offline trade to a degree in which both channels benefit positively from each other. This includes the development and service of websites for an affordable price in combination with design or redesign of website, logos and everything related to corporate design.

Our team

Our team has been selected on the basis of their expertise, their experience and their abilities to be hands on. We are not delivering solutions in form of 100 page reports. we offer solutions by implementing what is good for the company and its stakeholders. This means our team is able and ready to make changes where they are needed.


Over the years we had a chance to work with a variety of well-known companies. These companies operate stores ranging from different food retail concepts like corner shops up to hyper markets, but also drug - and pharmacy stores.


Over the years we have developed a network of offices around Europe to stay in close contact with our customers and the respective markets.

  • Germany

    Our Office in Bad Orb near Frankfurt is also the site of our Papierwelten Office. Most of our administration and planning is done here before we go to our customers.

  • Serbia

    Due to our long engagements in the Serbian Market we have recently opened an Office in Belgrade. We have decided to do so in order to stay in touch with our customers and to stay close to the Balkan region.

  • Turkey

    We are represented in Istanbul by the company Global 24. The over 20 year partnership with Global 24 has led to an excellent knowledge of the Turkish market and its region, with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

  • Ukraine

    Our Office in Kharkov hosts our Blackcurrant IT division and is responsible for the Ukrainian market. Employees with extensive experience will make sure that your website will look and feel professional.