We have our in-house designers that work together with marketing specialist and developers to utilize the latest know-how in ecommerce and web technologies. Thanks to this tandem – our designs are not only beautiful and modern, but also user-friendly in order to increase your sales.


Since Blackcurrant IT was founded we have had a strong emphasis on ecommerce. Over time our solutions have been proven to be efficient and reliable.We love to work with new technologies and offer new products that will make your processes more efficient,profitable and reliable.

content management

A well-developed internet shop is only complete if it has products and content in it. Content is what drives the customers to your shop and which gives you sales. We offer complete content management services from copywriting to designing promotional material.


The same way a normal shop would need marketing to flourish, so does an internet shop. A well developed online marketing campaign will enable you to gain more customers and generate reoccurring business. Our online marketing experts can help you form the right strategy in order to make your shop profitable and well known.

Visitor's behavior

Online sales can be broken down into two things: How many people visit your website and how many stay to buy something, also called traffic and conversion. In order to know how these two factors are influenced by your marketing campaigns, you need to monitor what your customer is looking for and how he is finding it. We will analyze your customer’s behavior to provide you with a detailed report and real solutions on how to increase your traffic and conversion rate.