You pick your assortment –
we deliver

One of our main aims is to make your ordering process as easy and simple as possible. You just decide which products you would like, we organize the rest by searching for the right suppliers, organizing logistics and handling your follow up procurement in the way you need it.

Create your private label –
we produce

If you have been planning on setting up your own private label we are the right partner for your company. We can help you find the right producers and organize the underlying supply chain. Even if your company has not reached the size where a private label makes sense yet, we can connect you with companies in the same situation so that the production of private label products can be shared among those two partners.

Our planograms will make your
shelfs look awesome

A thought through store layout and a comprehensive shelve order can make all the difference in making a sale. Cross selling factors and the general flow of the store can make a customer feel comfortable to stay longer times leading to higher sales. Two decades of experience in various markets make us one of the best in this field. Our approach not only takes psychological and sociological factors into account, but it also guarantees the efficiency of your in store operations in order to keep your costs as minimal as possible.


We focused on ecommerce from the beginning of our company. Our solutions have passes the test of time and proved to be efficient and reliable. We love to work with new technologies and offer new products that will make your process more efficient and profitable.

Know-how for
your business

The know-how of Papierwelten and its team which has been collected over the last three decades can be made available to blackcurrant customers. We adapt our knowledge through careful evaluation and find the most suitable solution for your business in your respectable market.


In the past Blackcurrant has successfully worked in close partnership with the following companies in developing retail concepts for the future.


Over the years we have developed a network of offices around Europe to stay in close contact with our customers and the respective markets.

  • Germany

    Our Office in Bad Orb near Frankfurt is also the site of our Papierwelten Office. Most of our administration and planning is done here before we go to our customers.

  • Serbia

    Due to our long engagements in the Serbian Market we have recently opened an Office in Belgrade. We have decided to do so in order to stay in touch with our customers and to stay close to the Balkan region.

  • Turkey

    We are represented in Istanbul by the company Global 24. The over 20 year partnership with Global 24 has led to an excellent knowledge of the Turkish market and its region, with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

  • Ukraine

    Our Office in Kharkov hosts our Blackcurrant IT division and is responsible for the Ukrainian market. Employees with extensive experience will make sure that your website will look and feel professional.